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Lindholmen Conference Centre, 417 56 | Gothenburg | 20th October 2021

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NIO Announces Norway Strategy

NIO officially announced its market entry into Norway at the NIO Norway Press Conference, marking its first step overseas. NIO will establish a full-fledged ecosystem encompassing cars, services, digital experience, and[…]

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10th May 2021 0

New electrode design may lead to more powerful batteries

An MIT team has devised a lithium metal anode that could improve the longevity and energy density of future batteries. New research by engineers at MIT and elsewhere could lead[…]

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26th August 2020 0

Unipart wins logistics contract for Jaguar Land Rover Battery Assembly Centre

Unipart Logistics has won a three-year contract to service the new Jaguar Land Rover Battery Assembly Centre in the West Midlands. The Battery Assembly Centre will be one of the[…]

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6th March 2020 0

Are you ready to capitalise on the booming multi-billion pound energy storage, battery sector?

According to market analysts the battery manufacturing and management systems sector is predicted to increase to over £120 billion globally by 2025.

Are you connected to the supply chain of tomorrow?

The Battery Tech Expo Nordic 2021,  held at  Lindholmen Conference Centre, 417 56 | Gothenburg, Sweden, is focused on bringing together pioneers, innovators, OEMs, industry heads and academics to accelerate the disruptive shift to a more sustainable future.

Are you maximising your exposure to this multi industrial market sector?

The Battery Tech Expo Nordic 2021 extends across the industrial, automotive, aerospace, rail, defence, acedemic and R&D industries. 100% of our exhibitors increase their exposure to these markets.

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