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Gothia Towers | Gothenburg | 3rd November 2020

50 Exhibitors

20 Presentations

500 Engineers

Battery Tech Expo UK

March 2019 

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Are you ready to capitalise on the booming multi-billion pound energy storage, battery sector?

According to market analysts the battery manufacturing and management systems sector is predicted to increase to over £120 billion globally by 2020.

Are you connected to the supply chain of tomorrow?

The Battery Tech Expo Nordic 2020,  held at Gothia Towers, Gothenburg Sweden, is focused on bringing together pioneers, innovators, OEMs, industry heads and academics to accelerate the disruptive shift to a more sustainable future.

Are you maximising your exposure to this multi industrial market sector?

The Battery Tech Expo Nordic 2020 extends across the industrial, automotive, aerospace, rail, defence, acedemic and R&D industries. 100% of our exhibitors increase their exposure to these markets.

The Event

The Battery industry is on the cusp of a power revolution with big technology companies investing heavily in the next generation of battery development and energy storage.

The Battery Tech Expo Nordic runs 3rd November 2020 in Gothenburg, the hub of the high tech industrial sector and will bring together professionals from across the advanced battery technology industry. The event will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the latest products, technologies and services covering the Battery Management Systems, EV Battery, Battery Storage, Battery Development/ Discovery, Commercial and Mobile Power Device sectors. Visit BTE Nordic


Exhibitors from industry sectors include: • Battery Manufacturers • Powertrain System Development Companies • Advanced Materials Production • Battery Tester, Charger And Analyser • Battery Pack & Vehicle Level Integration Specialists • Lightweight Material Suppliers & Manufacturers • Battery Management System Manufacturers • Charging Infrastructure • Battery Recycling Companies • Clean Energy Providers • Ultracapacitor Manufacturers • Research & Development Laboratories • Testing & Safety • Suppliers • Automotive • Rail

Exhibit at BTE Nordic


• Battery Cell Development and Energy Systems Storage Engineers • CEO / COO / CTO • Vice President EV & Hybrid Technology • Head of Battery Development • Head of Electric Vehicles • Head of R&D • Head of Electrical Development • Chief Engineer of Electric Vehicles • Chief Engineer of Hybrids

Visit BTE Nordic


Listen to industry leading speakers from manufacturers, investors through to research and development scientists on the latest pioneering technology projects taking place throughout the sector.

Full agenda to be announced shortly. Register to attend

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