Month: May 2019

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Electric Road EV Charging System Concept To Get First Trial In Sweden

The city of Lund, Sweden, is ready to begin installing the first kilometre of Elonroad track along a heavily used bus route to recharge electric buses as they drive. What is Elonroad? The electric road concept “Elonroad” is charging infrastructure for all the electric vehicles. The electric charging system is both an automatic park-charger without…
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15th May 2019 0

Amnesty challenges industry leaders to clean up their batteries

Amnesty International is today publicly challenging leaders within the electric vehicle industry to make the world’s first completely ethical battery within five years. At the Nordic Electric Vehicle (EV) Summit in Oslo, the organization is highlighting how lithium-ion batteries, which power electric cars and electronics, are linked to human rights abuses including child labour in…
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14th May 2019 0

EU Commission calls for strategic battery value chain

The European Battery Alliance met in Brussels to discuss issues like sustainable production and processing of raw materials. The European Battery Alliance met in Brussels recently to discuss such issues as sustainable production and the processing of raw materials, ways of financing new investments and the creation of new policies to push forward projects in…
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13th May 2019 0

Bosch partners with Sweden’s Powercell to build fuel cells for electric cars, trucks

Expect the fuel cells to start making their way to automakers by 2022. There are multiple types of fuel cells out there. Bosch and Powercell are working on what’s called the polymer-electrolyte membrane type. As much as everyone likes to think about battery-electric vehicles as the inevitable end-all, be-all of electrification, hydrogen fuel cell technology…
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10th May 2019 0

Defying Brexit, Volvo car brand Polestar picks UK for new development hub

STOCKHOLM: Swedish luxury electric carmaker Polestar, which is jointly owned by Volvo Cars and its Chinese parent Geely, is setting up an R&D center in Britain to develop future passenger cars, it said on Wednesday (May 8). The move comes as Britain’s impending exit from the European Union has dented UK car manufacturing, prompting several…
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9th May 2019 0

EBRD and Norway support the construction of the first-ever wind farm in the country

Montenegro, proclaimed a “Green State” back at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, is starting to live up to its green credentials. Blessed with an ideal climate for the development of renewable energy sources, it is tapping into its abundant natural resources of sun, wind and water. The small Balkan country still has…
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8th May 2019 0

Nordic region offers valuable lessons for rapid EV deployment worldwide

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Nordic region is projected to reach 4 million cars by 2030, or more than 15 times the number currently in circulation, according to the International Energy Agency’s Nordic EV Outlook 2018, a swift rate of deployment that can offer valuable lessons for rapid EV adoption around the…
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7th May 2019 0

France, Germany agree on first battery cell consortium, report says

France and Germany have earmarked 1.7 billion euros to support several company alliances looking to produce electric car battery cells to help reduce the dependence of European automakers on Asian suppliers such as China’s CATL, which plans to start operations at a cell factory like this one (shown) in Germany in 2022. BERLIN — France…
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6th May 2019 0

American Battery Metals wants option to acquire Viken vanadium project in Sweden

The Viken vanadium project is located in Sweden’s Jämtland County, picture here. Photo by Jan Norrman, Wikimedia Commons. American Battery Metals (CSE: ABC) announced this week that it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire a 90% interest in Ontario-based E.U. Energy Corp. and its 100%-owned Viken project in Sweden. In a…
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3rd May 2019 0

Graphene aerogel sponge promises battery boost

Researchers in Sweden have used a graphene aerogel to develop lithium sulphur (Li-S) battery that retained 85 per cent capacity after 350 cycles. Developed at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, the prototype consists of slices of porous graphene oxide aerogel in a cell battery that soaks up a sulphur-rich ‘catholyte’ solution. This catholyte…
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2nd May 2019 0